My Music

Born in Suffolk, Issy started playing the melodeon in 1997 inspired by the playing of Norfolk squeezer Tony Hall, and has since become one of the countries finest players, renowned for her uniquely musical and sensitive style. 

"a top-class melodeon player with a rare lyrical touch and a fine sense of harmony. Issy is also an excellent composer of sophisticated instrumental pieces."  Brian Peters 

She has a natural gift for composing but, having come to traditional music relatively late in life, initially started making up tunes “so that no-one could tell me I was doing it wrong!”  Today, her reputation as a gifted composer is well established - songs with beautiful melodies, captivating stories and a distinctly traditional influence are her trademark.

She and her singer/guitarist husband David, have been playing together as a duo for over 15 years.  They have 4 albums to their name, with 2 most recently recorded with cellist Kate Riaz on the acclaimed Wild Goose record label.  Contact Issy to order.

                      “Songs full of gentility and grace” fRoots 

      “ So accomplished is she and so complete is her empathy with the tradition that she can turn out a song today that would convince even the most tedious purist that it had been handed down across the centuries”   Andy Kershaw