I have always been fascinated by faces.  As Degas once said  “we were born to look at each other after all”.   Although I obviously hope my portraits will bear a likeness to my subjects, I am interested in something other than likeness alone.  Francis Bacon called it the ‘emanation’ of his subjects.  While I am still in the process of developing an artistic voice and style, I think that what I hope to achieve is an atmosphere, something that compels the view to stop for a moment, and


            Issy Emeney


Apart from music, art is also important to me, and over the last three years I have been  taking some time out of my musical life to study painting, and it seems natural to me as a folk musician that I am drawn towards figurative painting, specifically portraiture.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about commissioning a portrait.


Oil on canvas

12” x 12”


Oil on Canvas

12” x 12”


Oil on canvas

20 x 24


Drawings and Etchings


When I need some relief from the tyrrany of ‘what’s there’, or when I simply feel like freeing up and having some fun with colour, these happen.  They are imaginative but always based upon something in nature, mostly a view from my studio window.